July 27, 2004 | 2 Comments

Tivo recorded a brand new episode of MythBusters tonight! First new episode I’ve seen in several months. I think this show entertains me more than anything else on TV — I just haven’t figured out if that says something good or something alarming about me.

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    I posted something about Penn & Teller’s show Bulls&!$, and how it sounds like MythBusters is doing a better job on that beat.

    P&T’s show bothers me because their methodology is as specious as that of the people whose work they are dissembling. Watch any of their shows and you’ll see how they use faulty logical constructs to pick apart their victims. Even if their subjects *are* charlatans, P&T don’t help us develop a more critical faculties when they are doing so much arm waving, themselves.


  • I just had to comment on this old post, because I’m watching this show right now. Everytime I watch it, it brings me to a happy place.