what does church look like? part four

September 4, 2004 | 6 Comments

What she said…

I knew part four would be something along these lines, but she said it better than I could, so I’ll just link to her.

What happened to part three? It’s still in very rough draft form…

  • John that was a tangled web, so I’d like to ask you what you see as the important bits from it that apply to church?

  • Organization, structure and institution are natural, and there is no need for us to fear them. They developed in the NT church, and they will continue to develop. I think Maggi did a good job of reminding us of some of benefits.

  • But isnt there a difference between structure originating from the Holy Spirit, and man imposed orders to make everything neat and easy?

    Maybe they are natural, but God is supernatural and leads us to be so too.

  • Lucy,
    I think I’m not quite as eager to draw a line between natural and supernatural as you are. That starts to tend toward a bit of dualism. When Moses’ (likely pagan?) father-in-law suggested a more orderly way for him to lead in Exodus 18, was that natural or supernatural? When the Spirit-filled apostles’ reordered things in Acts 6, was that natural or supernatural?

  • Spirit filled brings with it the supernatural influence of God.
    Jesus tells us whoever is not for him is against him. There is no middle ground.
    I’m sure the institution is not what God had in mind when he came to earth. Most of his time was spent wandering the streets.
    Retaining institution because it makes life easier isnt exactly challenging is it?

  • So was Moses therefore contrary to the will of God for taking the advice of his pagan father-in law?