intelligent design

September 29, 2004 | 3 Comments

Got the latest Wired magazine in the mail today. The cover story is about how intelligent design is gaining credibility as an alternative to evolution. For those of you who don’t subscribe, the article is available here.

  • i read that, really interesting story. i was hoping it would hit on the theory that evolution and creation may be the same thing. no dice, but still a great read.

  • I saw Dr. Weber with Lee Stroble on a “Case for the Creator” simulcast at church. He definitely seems intelligent, but this article leads you to believe that intelligent design scientists aren’t nearly as common as he seems to think.

  • ConK

    Having done a bit of reading on this recently, ID is still relatively an obscure animal. The Creationists see them as compromising Scripture and the hard core Evolutionists see them much the same as they see Creationists – people who are working hard to insert a “god” into the creation equation. They are having to fight hard to be seen as legitimate on either side. What is sad is that the scientific world is beginning to embrace them quicker than the Christian world is – because they don’t spout the standard creation account given by Creationists.