true humanity

September 29, 2004 | 7 Comments

I would just like to hear the first thoughts that come to everyone’s mind when you read/see this phrase — “true humanity”.

  • please…not everyone at once

  • IT sounds a bit racist, slightly Nazi, and very seperatist when standing on its own, apart from context. However, to say that we strive to become “fully human”, or “truly human”, is a more inclusive statement that begs the definition of what “human” was meant or is suppose to be.

  • Gary

    I think of the word “shalom” and the full implications that are carried with it. Neo Plantinga has a good book on it…

  • jamie

    I once read (and am not sure if it is true) that “shalom” meant peace after war. Interesting if you picture true humanity linked with the peace that Jesus fought to bring between us and God

  • What book are you referring to Gary?

  • Gary

    The book is called “Not the Way It’s Supposed to Be” (sorry I have no idea how to do hyperlinks). I would definitely recommend it. “Shalom” does mean peace, but so much more than just peace from war. It’s the Jewish greeting (Hence Paul’s “Grace and peace to you…”) and represented a state of well being and goodness. The prophets spoke of eternal shalom, and a humble king who would bring shalom. The Messiah was to be the prince of shalom. In light of that, not only is true humanity just the cessation of hostilities between us and God through Christ (who according to Paul is our peace – the Greek isn’t shalom, but I think he had that in mind, Eph 2:14), but being made complete, fully human(as draven said). True humanity was always meant to be one of experiencing shalom. I have no idea if that makes sense or not. But let me know and I’ll try to clarify.

  • shalom – perfect peace, wholeness, prosperity, welfare, tranquility, safety, health, contentment, success, comfort, and integrity; nothing broken, nothing lacking.

    The Eastern mindset tends to be much more holistic (wholistic, all inclusive and circular) than the West (hellenistic, compartmentalized and linear).