community presence

October 1, 2004 | 5 Comments

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how churches could do a much better job of having a presence in their community, especially from a facilities standpoint. Here’s an example of something that Jason Clark is doing in England that I really like.

  • I spent some time with Jason when I was in Uk a couple of months ago when the project was just starting … I even took a picture of the door which had a furniture project sign on it. Way to go Jason and his church

  • Matt Spiel

    there is a place here in town that does something to this affect. They take appliances and furniture to lower income families… then they will send people a week or two later to follow up on how the stuff is doing (needs repairs etc), but also offer to share the gospel with them or just pray for them etc. Its a really effective ministry.

  • Is it a church that is doing that? Or a parachurch organization?

  • Matt Spiel

    i think it is parachurch. Not too sure though, i will find out for ya