outwit. outplay. outlast.

October 12, 2004 | 12 Comments

What would happen if I challenged Jesus to Survivor?

Outwit. – No contest here. I think he would work me.

Outplay. – This one is closer. I can play pretty well, but I still have to give him the nod.

Outlast. – I win! Jesus only lived to be 33, and I’m 34 as of today! Of course, he did have that whole resurrection thing going for him…

  • Gary

    Yeah, technically he’s like 2000+ because that whole death thing only lasted a few days. Happy Birthday, anyways…loser.

  • Ha ha ha ha! 🙂 That’s funny.

    Happy birthday, John!

  • Matt Spiel

    Mwuhahaha… very clever john

  • Oh yes… happy smurfbirthday!

  • ConK

    John, we’ve shared many Oct. birthdays together and it kind of sucks to be apart right now. I’ll have to buy lunch when I’m in town next week. We’ll go out on the town as only two thirtysomething pastors can do! Maybe we should have Zach come along to make sure that things stay cool.

  • happy b day john, sorry i couldn’t be there to party with you.

  • Thanks to all of you for the well wishes. It was a good day.

  • Brewster

    way to be born.

  • Happy Birthday John!

  • Jesus would kick your ass in Survivor. all he would have to do is catch one fish, and he would be set for food.

  • david

    and if he ever got voted off (by all of us, not just the people who were there), Jesus would probably write somthing in the dirt with a torch butt and everyone would walk away…

  • Dean

    I would get Tivo and watch it weekly if he got fed up and went Old Testament on everyone!