reggie mcneal

October 21, 2004 | 3 Comments

I recently heard Reggie McNeal speak, and I really like what he had to say, especially about the condition of the church and the direction it is heading if it does not change the way it does some things. Most of what he had to say is in his book The Present Future which I’m looking forward to reading based on what I heard that day. Apparently Jordon Cooper is reading it right now, and he has some good information available from the book here, here, and here. If the book is like what I heard him say that day, it’s not just a prophecy of doom. He does have some good practical things to say to help us think about what we are doing in our churches.

  • Brewster

    I have to be honest. The main reason I am posting is because I keep checking this website and no one has posted for 5 days! So I figured I should stop sitting around waiting for someone else to post, and actually post something myself. The downside is that I am just going through the motions…I don’t actually have anything to say. I am just filling the void…uncomfortable with the silence…
    Certainly there is a parallel to life in there somewhere…
    I’m being assertive! And I do like Reggie McNeal’s books.

  • Way to go Bruiser. Someday soon, hopefully I’ll have something to say again myself!

  • Heh…so many things I want to say John. You left yourself wide open there…but I’ll keep my mouth shut. For now. 🙂