a little clarity

December 5, 2004 | 12 Comments

As most of you know, Sherri and I have been praying for a clear direction for our future. We received some this past week. We will be having our second child in late July! Not quite the clarity we were expecting but happy news nonetheless.

  • A major congratulations! And many blessings!

  • matthew spiel

    so that what you really did when you visited the stadia crew… well, regardless, congrats my friend!

  • david

    im sure zach’s band appreciates the nod in naming your second child… but Clarity Chandler seems a bit overboard to me…

    blessings upon you daddy (again)

  • I would go for Static Chandler if it was a boy. I had to hop on the bandwagon that was that joke.

    Anyways, John & Sherri, much congratulations! That is awesome news.

  • Congratulations! That is so great.

  • Sweetness! Congrats, John, to you and your beloved.

  • Gary


  • Dean

    So as you were seeking clarity for your futures, you discovered Sherri has a little somthing in the middle? I’m singing a praise chorus for both of you.

  • Things like this happen when you go for a night drive. During birth, drugs will help to take the pain away, and if you move out of state, you will have to say ‘goodbye sky harbor’. Planning for your futures is alot of work, but if you believe in what you want, and seek God, it will turn out that nothings wrong.

    Sidebar: Rockstar, what’s mine is yours, but hear you me, hopefully all these references won’t make you want to kill us, but instead forgive us. But if you don’t, don’t.

  • Zach

    i kind of like “self-titled chandler”

  • Brewster

    Way to get busy!

  • Congratulations John and Sherri…don’t you just love it when your standing at the plate waiting for the Lord to deliver the next pitch. Your thinking maybe fast and straight…and he throws a slider. Anyway you’ve been blessed…and maybe in this there will be clarity.