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May 29, 2005 | 13 Comments

Ray Vanderlaan has a bunch of audio teachings available for purchase from the Follow the Rabbi website. These are mainly teachings that help you understand the context that Jesus lived in in first century Judaism, and they have had a lot of influence on Rob Bell.

Thanks to Justin for giving me the heads up on these.

  • thank you john and justin. nice find.

  • If my last name was Vanderlaan, I would call my website “Vanderlaan Industries” and for my commercial I would hire a George Costanza look-a-like to run out of the bathroom in his boxers and fall on the ground screaming “Vanderlaan Industries”.

    Yeah, I’m in a weird mood.

  • Sarge

    I’ve been there several times, but $9.99 is too much for a mp3! If you like Ray & Rob Bell check out Kent Dobson’s free mp3s at http://calvarychurch.gospelcom.net/messages_frameset_2004.htm. You can go back through each years for more mp3s. He has taught at Mars Hill & leads tours with RVL and the mp3s are free. He teaches mainly on the Jewish Background. Enjoy!

    • Yvonne Bowland

      Thank you, Sarge!

  • Bob Boring

    What is Ray VanderLaan’s background and education? He seems to stay very private.

  • Bob,
    I don’t know a whole lot. I know that he teaches at a Christian high school, and he went to some sort of Jewish rabbincal school to become more familiar with Judaism.

  • Christopher

    Ray VanderLaan is the founder of That the World May Know Ministries and he serves as the host of Focus on the Family’s popular Faith Lessons DVD series. Ray Vanderlaan has been a teacher for more than 30 years, and is currently the religion instructor at Holland Christian Schools in Western Michigan . Vanderlaan holds a Masters of Divinity degree from Westminster Seminary and is an ordained minister with the Christian Reformed Church. Since 1977, Ray Vanderlaan has hosted more than 5,000 people on educational trips to the Holy Land .

  • Leah Hokmah

    You might also want to check out http://www.egrc.net – a site called the En-Gedi Resource Center. There is a link to that site from the Follow The Rabbi bookstore. They have lots of articles and links there with the Rob Bell / Ray Vanderlaan Jewish spin on things.


  • Michael
  • Hi-
    In case anyone is interested in more Jewish spin, you may want to check out WWW. Ariel. org. I have been studying with Dr. Fruchtenbaum since the mid-80’s – he turned my heart and head in the right direction!!!

  • Raspo


    They don’t really balance out Vanderlann’s views. Chuck May’s attempt at this with respect to Vanderlann’s theory that the disciples were teenagers based on the following argument falls extremely short of its goal.

    “If God can’t err and if the Bible is the Word of God, then the Bible can’t err. Conversely, if the Bible can err (and, by implication, VanderLaan says that it did), then God can err.”

    So, tell me Chuck, when was the last time the space shuttle ran into the Firmament? Or does it simply call ahead to make sure they have the sluice gates open at the right time?

    Christians that demand literal readings of the Bible drive me nuts. They do more harm than good…

    • Steve

      Firmament is only a bad translation for the hebrew raqua which properly translated means expanse.

  • Barbara Bates

    My husband and I have led several studies using the Ray VanderLaan series, “That the World May Know.” His teachings have opened our eyes and minds to a different approach that we find very interesting and enlightening. When you approach his video lessons with an open mind realizing that there are some other ideas on the times in which Jesus lived and died, the times and locations come alive. Realizing that Jesus was a traditional Jew was an epiphany for me. I had never thought of Jesus in those terms.