a good day

July 29, 2005 | 3 Comments

This is one good way to re-create.

it needed to be said

July 28, 2005 | 1 Comment

godswayA hearty applause goes out to Church Marketing Sucks for their post today: The Christian Imitation. It needed to be said…and it needs to be read, so go read it.

revernaculation: “relationship with Jesus”

July 28, 2005 | 6 Comments

I have often heard someone say: “It’s not about religion, it’s about a relationship with Jesus.” In fact, I’ve probably said that myself more times than I can count. But I’m wondering if the phrase “relationship with Jesus” also needs …

discipleship vs spirituality

July 26, 2005 | 1 Comment

Mere DiscipleshipI’m in the midst of rereading Mere Discipleship by Lee Camp. In the book, he makes a strong case that what we know as Christianity today is far from what authentic discipleship should be. Instead of living a radical life …

marriage in the resurrection

July 26, 2005 | 6 Comments

Some of my recent thoughts about the resurrection led me to think further about Matthew 22:23-33. In this story, Jesus describes that there will not be marriage in the resurrection. This has always been a less than exciting thought …

boomers and emerging churches

July 26, 2005 | Leave a comment

Marko posted a link yesterday to this article on why boomers are skeptical of emerging churches. It’s written from a boomer perspective by a college professor named Keith Drury. It’s short, and worth reading regardless of your age……

revernaculation: “go to heaven”

July 25, 2005 | 2 Comments

Our three year old daughter is a curious one, and asks lots of questions — I mean lots. It is amazing to me how she will take to different concepts, make a connection between them, and then ask a question …

first anniversary

July 25, 2005 | 6 Comments

It occurred to me this morning that I’ve been blogging almost a year, so I thought I’d see when I started. It was a year ago today! So happy anniversary blog. Here’s some notes over the past year:

  • Here’s the

google hybrid

July 22, 2005 | 4 Comments

I’ve loved Google Maps since it came out, but it just got a lot better. They now offer a hybrid map that overlays the streets on the satellite imagery. That’s doggone cool!…


July 20, 2005 | Leave a comment

Mount RainierApparently, Boeing took Chris Pirillo, Scoble, and a bunch of others on a flight to demonstrate wi-fi while in the air. From what I’ve seen of it, Mount Rainier upstaged the wi-fi, and rightfully so in my opinion. …

mars hill family style

July 19, 2005 | 4 Comments

Rob Bell and teamThis month, Mars Hill has been doing their weekend gatherings family style. As best as I can tell, that means that children aren’t going to their own classes, but staying with their families, and the service has been tweaked …

top 50 most influential churches

July 18, 2005 | 3 Comments

The Top 50 Most Influential Churches

This list has been making the blog rounds this morning. By way of disclaimer, I should point out I’m not celebrating the list, just linking to it. There are some churches on there I …

atta boy, tiger

July 17, 2005 | 1 Comment

Tiger Wins British Open

no perfect people allowed

July 16, 2005 | 8 Comments

No Perfect People AllowedLast summer, my wife and I visited Gateway Community Church in Austin, TX. We spent some time after the service with their pastor, John Burke, to talk about church planting in Austin. Some of the things we had read about …

running to die

July 13, 2005 | Leave a comment

Mealtime Habits of the MessiahI finished Mealtime Habits of the Messiah, by Conrad Gempf this morning. As I was reviewing some of the things I had underlined in the book, I was struck again by these few paragraphs from page 157:

ยท For

what’s wrong with christians?

July 10, 2005 | Leave a comment

Jason Clark has an excellent post this morning entitled “What’s Wrong With Christians?” The true communal nature of the church will never be able to thrive when everyone who is a part of it has a Burger King mentality — …


July 8, 2005 | 2 Comments

In Genesis 32, Jacob spends the night wrestling with God…or an angel…or one of Hulk Hogan’s ancestors. At the end of the bout, in Genesis 32:28, he is given the name Israel. This is the name his offpsring, the …

dentist :(

July 6, 2005 | 3 Comments

perfect teethI have a dentist appointment in 8 hours and 14 minutes — not a big fan. I’m the prodigal dental patient. They should kill something and feast when I show up — as long as they do it before they …

to be told

July 6, 2005 | 3 Comments

I’ve been reading through To Be Told, by Dan Allender, with Josh. We are wrapping up next week. There have been some good issues that the book raises, but I specifically want to share a few thoughts from …


July 5, 2005 | 1 Comment

I just typed the word ‘blog’ in a document in Microsoft Word, and it was underlined as a misspelled word. My office software is current with the latest updates. You think that Microsoft would have made the word blog a …