no perfect people allowed

July 16, 2005 | 8 Comments

No Perfect People AllowedLast summer, my wife and I visited Gateway Community Church in Austin, TX. We spent some time after the service with their pastor, John Burke, to talk about church planting in Austin. Some of the things we had read about the church stated that they were genuinely reaching a lot of unchurched people. Austin is a city that is very unchurched and isn’t considered an easy place to minister. After being on their campus for an evening, I had a sense that they truly are reaching a lot of people who aren’t just transferring in from another church. John Burke has recently published No Perfect People Allowed which talks about some of the thinking that has gone into creating the culture of Gateway. I haven’t yet read, or even ordered this book, but from what I saw there, I think it’s one that will be worth reading.

  • Their worship minister used to play for Plumb and Sixpence…that’s pretty cool.

  • But he didn’t play for Mortal Enemy! Yeah!

  • Brian

    I found this site, and wanted to say hello. Gateway is my church home, and has been for over 4 years. I have seen Gateway grow 5x the number of people since I started to attend. I started as a seeker, someone who had never believed that the idea of “God” was viable… nevermind the thought that Jesus Christ actually existed. TODAY… is a totally different story. Christ has tranformed my life, and that of numerous others at Gateway. I knew no one my first day, and now know literally hundreds of friends and Christ followers. This book is filled with “real” people stories. If you read it, I am sure you will walk away with more then several fresh ideas and perspectives on reaching the unchurched. Be well, and all of you are invited to Austin to visit us! 😉

  • Orm

    No perfect people may be allowed but if they aren’t on their way to perfection in Christ in a short while after becoming a member, I pray someone will tell them that while Jesus accepts us the way we are, He doesn’t want to keep us that way. We are to be perfected in Him.

  • Kirsty

    I am reading this book at the moment…inspires me to believe in church after spending years hiding from the prying eyes of people judging.

  • Kirsty

    Also just some research, their motto is “Come as you are.” From there, we’ll all grow together!”
    Good stuff eh?!

  • keith pellicaan

    I have found this book seriously inspiring. We are starting a church in Qld Australia and we are going to apply the insights of this book to our church. This will be our D.N.A as we seek to reach out in a surburb in Ipswich, we are excited that this book has basically outlined what we were seeking to do. A truely inspiring and impowering book. I thank God for it I am not perfect and can use my experience to encourage others.

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