mars hill family style

July 19, 2005 | 4 Comments

Rob Bell and teamThis month, Mars Hill has been doing their weekend gatherings family style. As best as I can tell, that means that children aren’t going to their own classes, but staying with their families, and the service has been tweaked to connect with all ages. This past weekend Rob Bell co-taught with some of the children’s staff. They did a good job of teaching in a way that would provide value and meaning for different ages. (For those of you who don’t listen to Rob’s teachings every week…well…you should.)

Churches need to find more ways to keep families together for community experiences like this. It’s probably not best to do something like this every week, but I’m not convinced of that. Perhaps the sermon can go to the same lengths and depths this way, but I would imagine the interactions that happen in an intentional family could be quite valuable.

  • I know Mars Hill in Seattle has a podcast, but does Rob’s church?

  • No podcast…they go the old school route and just post MP3’s from their site without an RSS feed.

    I haven’t gotten into using podcasts for sermons any way…I’m too picky about how I like to organize with my tags.

  • Hedrick

    I listened to this and thought is was really awesome. I agree that the sermon had something for everyone, which I know is not easy. Conneting with the kids and the adults took a lot of work on Rob’s part, I’m not sure most head pastors have the patience or the passion to pull that off. Most head pastors are satisfied with the kids being as far away as possible, so they can insure a quiet service. I wish we could pull something like that off in our church. There are so many families around the big church that never attend a service together, something like this is really valuable.

  • Dear Rob,
    My trainee Minister in my church – the West Church, Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland, has just used your video of the walk in the forrest with your wee laddie – telling him “I Love you buddy….”
    Thank you for taking the time to do it – it made me cry and made me remember the times when God has carried me close to get me through storms and told me he loved me.
    You have a wonderful gift of oratory so please continue to keep telling of His greatness, mercy Grace and Love for us All – no matter what.
    I remember when God healed me 14 months ago so suddenly and unexpectedly – indeed I was arguing for Him to help the others seeking help first as I was OK and they needed Him more; he told me very firmly and kindly “No I love you all equally and completely” there was no doubt in His message to me and the effects of His healing are there and witnesed by all in my church. His greatest gift to us is Love and I am very priviledged to know it.
    Bless you for helping me be reminded of that wonderful day
    Claire Simpson