September 1, 2005 | 3 Comments

I knew that it was only a matter of time before some fundy would claim that God brought hurricane Katrina as punishment, but it is still sickening to read it. This absolutely breaks my heart to see the character of God violated in this way.

  • Yeah, I was fearful of that as well. There’s a conservative guy at my work who claims that this and 9/11 are all warnings. Those kind of comments are indeed sickening.

  • Okay, I just went and read that article. Rather then being sick about it or angry, my head is filled with thoughts of “Why can’t they get it!? Why can’t they understand what Christ’s message was about!!??” My heart breaks for the people of Repent America just as much as those in New Orleans.

    I found this quote from the article interesting:

    “Repent America [the “Christian” organization] will not play the hypocrisy game but will keep to one mode for lifestyle — that of the biblical mandate. It is this, in both Old and New Testaments: “Be holy, even as I am holy.” Those words are from the Creator.

    One wonders what “Southern Decadence” [a gay festival planned for New Orleans] organizers are pondering today and tomorrow and the next morrow. Will any moral sense break through their din? Only God knows. Nevertheless, Repent America will be there to warn them, beseech them to turn from their wicked ways, and live the holy life under God.”

    Is it really the “Biblical mandate” to stand back from afar with judgement and condemnation just so one can pronounce themselves holy? I can’t help but feel if Repent America’s hearts and thoughts were on the people of New Orleans, the suffering, the poor, and even the morally lost, they would “be there” in a different fashion. Don’t mean to expound too much on your blog John, but this is one of the most blatent statements of “We’re showing our ‘Christianity’ by *ignoring* and *judging*” that I’ve seen.

    Maybe it is sickening — that self-righteous motives are placed before the poor and sick and homeless, and done so in the name of Christ.

  • Andrew

    I have just stumbled across your blog and have immediately found myself scrolling through your entries. I have enjoyed what I have read so far and hope to continue to read here. This short entry struck me, and I hope you do not mind if such a newcomer as myself shares his thoughts.

    While I am not familiar with the official platform of Repent America, nor do I in any way condone the “judging from a distance” attitude that you have connected with the group, I do have to say that I think it much more than coincidence that Katrina hit New Orleans. I do believe in the continued revelation of God’s wrath upon this world (Rom 1:18 where the Greek implies a continuous “wrath is being revealed”), and I do believe that God does not accidentally or randomly target his wrath in certain areas. This does not exempt so-called morally upright areas from being under God’s wrath, for surely even Repent America will be judged harshly one day. I am simply failing to see the disconnect between Repent America’s stance that God is judging New Orleans and the Biblical teaching that God is righteously pouring out his wrath on us. I think it is wrong to “ignore-and-judge” but I also think it is wrong to deny God his just position as the Supreme Judge of the universe.