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September 13, 2005 | 9 Comments

Velvet ElvisBarnes & Noble is hosting an online book club for Velvet Elvis. The book club will ‘meet’ in October, and will be facilitated by Rob Bell himself, as well as another instructor. How much do I love the internet?

On a related note, Mike DeVries is is talking about the release of Noomas 12 and 13 this morning.

  • So does this mean we are going to read Velvet Elvis? Or have you already?

  • I’ve already read it, but I signed up for this book club to participate in the online discussion…

  • Sweet.

    ’twas a good book. Reading it again.

  • jonwren

    I joined today. John, maybe we can be study partners.

  • Care to give your ‘review’ of the book. Rob is an amazing speaker, but I question his ability to convey his ideas in a book. Just curious on your take, before I rush out to buy it…


  • Joel,
    Personally, I really liked it. I think his thoughts translate well to book form, because having them in print allows you to mull them over a little more.

    Much of the content is stuff I have heard him say, but I still liked having it in print. Truthfully, I’ve heard him so many times, it was almost his voice that was reading the book in my head instead of mine.

  • Joel,
    I think the book will translate well for you. It is written in a very non-conventional manner. It sounds like him speaking.

    At the same time, it allows Rob to “get away” with less. When I stared at some of the statements he makes in the book I could not really go there with him. At the same time there were other statements that I could really hang onto that challenged my thinking in a way that his speaking does not, because he says it and then you move on. With a book, rather than move on, you can stare at it a while.

    Go buy it.

  • ryanrivvy

    Who’s Rob Bell?

  • ryanrivvy

    Is he Cal J.’s assistant or something?