coffee shop etiquette: anyone have a hammer?

December 19, 2005 | 7 Comments

I have retitled this post, because my time in coffee shops might lead to a whole series on good suggestions for coffee shop etiquette.

I’ve often heard people allude to the fact that talking on a cell phone in public is considered rude. I’ve never understood that — isn’t that, after all, what a cell phone is for? Doesn’t it allow my to be in touch with someone without having to play endless games of phone tag as we try to catch each other at home or office?

Today, my view has changed. I’m sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops, and there are only three customers in here…should be a nice peaceful morning, but I find myself wishing for a hammer. There is a guy all the way on the other side of the coffee shop who has been in non-stop conversations. AND HE IS LOUD. I could clearly hear every word he’s saying. Now, he is bragging to the Barista that he has been on the phone with Germany, UK, and France. (Update: The other barista just came out of the back, and he let her know as well.)

It’s Brian Regan‘s me-monster live and in person!

So…cellphone etiquette 101: When you are in a cell phone conversation, it is between you and the other end of the line. Not the whole freaking coffee shop!

  • bob

    amen, brutha!

  • Wow! Could you hear him down there in Portland too?

  • this also goes for pda’s and sidekicks. i’ve come across some people that will literally break away in mid-conversation, standing right in front of me and break out there sidekick to start instant messenging someone. it’s so rude and annoying. i even was talking with someone i didn’t really know that well the other day and he said “hold on”, interupting me and pulling out his sidekick to continue other, more important, conversations elsewhere.

    i’m glad i didn’t have a hammer, cause hammer would have hurt ’em.

  • ditto from an alt. culture-
    one thing i have noticed here is that NO ONE misses a cell phone call, ever. There is no putting a call on hold, there is no sending it straight to v-mail, any silent mode is pointless… it does not matter where you are: in a meeting, IN a class, in a conversation… That call WILL be answered, in full speaking tone, without out leaving or steping to a private place. It may not be wrong, but it is VERY DIFFERENT to what I would like to call normal sense (i.e. a body in front of you far outweighs a handful of silicon and plastic OR at least that the collective group is higher than self (classroom/audience disruption)).

    [insert hebrew explative] like your calls are that important ALL the time anyway

  • Hey guys, you have no idea how rudely people will act on their cell phones until you are on the other end of a retail counter from them. I even had a guy bring his laptop to the counter and he never stopped typing.

  • Nothing tops poor cell phone ettiquette than Nextel people. It’s one thing to have to hear one end of someone’s conversation, but to hear both…ridiculous.