the spi’ritual’ity of tailgating

January 24, 2006 | 7 Comments

My wife doesn’t understand tailgating. I’m not talking about following closely behind the car in front of you. I’m talking about the gathering of a bunch of rabid fans in the parking lot of a football stadium before kickoff. I think the combination of grilled meats, cold pavement, refreshing beverages, and toxic exhaust from passing […]

does typepad hate me?

January 23, 2006 | 4 Comments

In the past few days, I’ve tried to post a comment on the blogs of both Bob Hyatt and Jason Clark. Both of these fine gents use TypePad. Neither blog has let me post a comment. It says that my URL — — is invalid. It looks valid enough to me. For those who […]

theohacks #6: jj goes to hollywood

January 23, 2006 | Leave a comment

The latest release of the TheoHacks podcast that I do with Zach Lind has been posted: JJ Goes to Hollywood. For our first interview, we dialogue with JJ Peterson, a friend of ours who is trying to explore what it means to be one who follows Jesus in Hollywood.


January 23, 2006 | Leave a comment

Nooma 012: Matthew is now available on the Nooma website.

savoring god’s word

January 22, 2006 | Leave a comment

I just finished reading Savoring God’s Word, by Jan Johnson, for a class I’m taking. It was really worthwhile, and is the kind of book anyone who longs to understand the role that the Bible could play in their life sould read. I’ve had these two concurrent views of Scripture forming in my head in […]

fifteen minutes

January 22, 2006 | 5 Comments

Today was my fifteen minutes of fame. The Denver Post ran a story about Broncos fans who live out of the state, and I was mentioned because of a Broncos fan site I’ve been running for the last five years. The picture that accompanies this post was not included with the article, but was featured […]


January 21, 2006 | Leave a comment

I’ve been aware of two urban villages being built within a few miles of our house. Yesterday as we were out driving around, we ran across two more. I’m not sure if urban village is the correct technical term, but it seems suitable. These are developments that are combining condos/townhouses with commercial areas that include […]


January 21, 2006 | 11 Comments

I’ve had a few conversations recently with people who have joined (note that I’m not even providing a courtesy link to them) or invited me to do so. Myspace is pretty much the ghetto of the internet and I’m happily keeping my distance. The owners, however, are living far from the ghetto thanks to […]


January 17, 2006 | 12 Comments

I sat down last night and watched the first few episodes of 24. I made it about halfway through the third episode before I got tired and turned it off. I have to say I haven’t been very interested in finishing it, so for me, this season might be 2.4 instead of 24. I don’t […]


January 15, 2006 | 8 Comments

blonde joke

January 12, 2006 | 7 Comments

I’m not usually inclined to pass along blonde jokes, but Rudy has the best blonde joke ever.

theohacks #5: polihacks

January 11, 2006 | 1 Comment

The latest release of the TheoHacks podcast that I do with Zach Lind has been posted: PoliHacks. This week, we dive into a discussion in which we might be even more hack worthy than theology — politics. If religion and politics are two of the most polarizing topics, how can we try to navigate through […]


January 10, 2006 | 1 Comment

Craig and Mike might have to open an Apple division of XXXChurch and start going to MacWorld. The new MacBook Pro is causing me to lust in ways that I’m almost embarassed to admit.

the kingdom of god is now, but not yet

January 7, 2006 | Leave a comment

I’ve spent a lot of time revamping my understanding of the kingdom of God in recent years. Dallas Willard blew my socks off in The Divine Conspiracy as he stated that the kingdom of God is not a place called heaven that we long for after we die. It is present. It is now. I’ve […]

stetzer on the emerging church

January 6, 2006 | 8 Comments

Steve McCoy has posted a link to an article by Ed Stetzer entitled Understanding the emerging church. There has been a lot of attention thrown toward the idea of emerging churches in this past year, much of it negative. It almost seems that anyone trying to do church differently than Willow Creek (Axis not included) […]

TheoHacks #4: Rhino and the Madman’s Reading Review

January 5, 2006 | 1 Comment

The fourth episode of the theohacks podcast that I do with Zach Lind has been posted: Rhino and the Madman’s Reading Review.

marsedit test

January 2, 2006 | Leave a comment

And this is a test from MarsEdit. I think Ecto was a little more appealing for me from first impressions.


January 2, 2006 | 2 Comments

I’m playing around with Ecto, a desktop blogging client, and this is a test post. It seems pretty slick, but I’m not sure I understand the benefits of using this over the built-in editor in WordPress at this point. At least I get a 21 day trial to play around with it…

how to fold a shirt

January 1, 2006 | 1 Comment

I’ve watched this new fangled way to fold a shirt about 3 or 4 times, and I still don’t have a clue what happened. I guess I could never work at the Gap.