January 15, 2006 | 8 Comments

Broncos beat Pats

  • And we don’t have to play Indianapolis at Indy, where we’ve been killed the last two years!

    Next week’s game is going to be great.

    This has been a great year, because I really had no expectations of the Broncos doing anything. It is also now a great year because Indy lost and I don’t hear two of my fellow staff members who are huge Colts fans bragging about how the Colts are going to win it all this year.

  • jonwren


  • It doesn’t really matter, because even if you do win next week, the Seahawks will roll over you in February. But hey, I guess you might as well celebrate now when you still have something to celebrate about.

  • I’m trying to remember…the Seahawks…how many Super Bowls have they been to? Wait, I’m trying to think of the number…it’s coming to me…nope, I lost it.

  • Go ahead and talk about the past. Me, I’m talking about the things present and the things to come.

  • The past makes your present. Although I do have to say that both coaches have Super Bowl experience – Shanahan and Holmgren have been to two Super Bowls apiece. So they know what to expect.

    Wait…didn’t Shanahan and Holmgren coach against each other in a Super Bowl…wait, it was Denver vs. Green Bay…I’m trying to remember who won that coaching matchup…hold on…; )

  • Look for John in the Denver Post. He’s going to be famous! Tell em, John!