January 17, 2006 | 12 Comments

I sat down last night and watched the first few episodes of 24. I made it about halfway through the third episode before I got tired and turned it off. I have to say I haven’t been very interested in finishing it, so for me, this season might be 2.4 instead of 24.

I don’t undertand why the show is popular. I think they do a great job of leaving you hanging at the end of each episode and I understand how addictive that can be. However, I think I mumble “give me a break” or “you’ve gotta be kidding” more often than Jack Bauer shoots someone. The plot is just so full of holes that I couldn’t even use it to drain spagheetti. The character emotions just don’t match up with how a real 24 hour timeline would play out. (“I’ve thought Jack Bauer has been dead for 18 months, and I’m willing to accept that he’s alive within 43 seconds of seeing a grainy video!”)

I watched last season, and I think I enjoyed it because we were living with a friend who I could mock it with. Perhaps I need to start a giant iChat where I can mock the show with my peeps.

Or…I could just forget it. After all, there is always Gilmore Girls.

  • Brewster

    I know I’m a punk for point this out.

    But I love me some spagheetti.

  • Brewster

    And I forgot the “ing” on point.

    I guess the old saying “when you point a finger, three more point right back at you” is particularly appropriate at this point.

  • This is the first time I’ve watched 24, so I guess I’m not jaded yet. I like it. A lot.

  • John, Gilmore Girls? Really? I’m not even sure what to say…

  • Mark

    Man, I know that my presence made it better, but come on now! I actually think the premise for this year rocks. The key for me is that you check the real-time realities at the door and just enjoy it. I actually didn’t realize how much i missed it until i was enjoying it on Sunday. Don’t worry, i’m sure they’ll be torturing someone in no time.

  • The premise rocks? A bunch of angry terrorists with shaved heads or long hair unleash a sinister plot near CTU headquarters in Los Angeles and somehow Jack Bauer gets wrapped up in the middle of it and makes a bunch of daring, but not really well thought out, decisions? I feel like I’ve seen this before.

  • Berto

    If I wanted darling but not really well thought out decisions, I’d watch Gilmore Girls.

  • lol…i was trying to think of the word ‘rash’ but it escaped me at the time…

  • john… you need to go read my post about Jack Bauer 24 relational evangelism… it might change your perspective…

    its on my blogger

  • I read your post. I found it amusing, but it also saddened me to see you expounding on the greatness of 24. 🙂

    If you want to see a true relational wizard at work, watch Bruce Parry on “Going Tribal”.

  • If I had a blog (Oh yeah, I do…I just never post anything on it) I would expound on the greatness of “Going Tribal”. Now there is a fascinating reality show!

  • tut tut

    surely someone as wise as you knows that 24 is the true revelation of God and that real life always involves jack getting into trouble with nasty terrorists!!! (at leat they seem not to ne Isalmic this time!) 😉