January 21, 2006 | 11 Comments

I’ve had a few conversations recently with people who have joined (note that I’m not even providing a courtesy link to them) or invited me to do so. Myspace is pretty much the ghetto of the internet and I’m happily keeping my distance. The owners, however, are living far from the ghetto thanks to all the money the are making selling everyone’s information.

  • such a cynic, such a cynic….but yet, I agree.


  • the ghetto of the interent…

    never thought about it that way. I like it.

    What I find amazing is how myspace has completely changed relationships for this current generation. It is hands down the largest networking website ever. It has also allowed people to be whoever they want to be.

  • I agree with you on that. It is wildly successful and a great way to stay in touch with others and that I like. I just have a distaste for the aesthetics of it, and the alleged motives of those running it…

  • jonwren

    nothing purchased by Fox could be evil…

  • ryanrivvy

    i saw ryan russell on myspace. are you saying he’s ghetto?

  • ctrl alt delete u

    I absolutely love the way myspace has changed the social scene for my generation. However, just like anything, sometimes it’s abused. The “distasteful” sites some myspacers host does tend to trash the whole thing up, but for people that are just genuinely out there to network and meet up with other people with their same hobbies and passions is great. There are so many people in this world, and I think by closing the ever-shrinking gap of differences in people will make the world a better place.

    P.S. How is Myspace any different from other networking sites like “Facebook”? I mean, they all serve the same purpose. So are those sites “ghetto” as well?

  • reboot,
    Thanks for commenting. I think what Myspace accomplishes is actually pretty darn cool. I’m probably just a little stuck up and can’t stand the gawdy design that is found on the majority of the pages on myspace….which I think I’ve already stated in comments above…

  • I teach a few high school classes online and the whole Myspace sharing thing has become an issue recently. One of the faculty shared an article that was really eye-opening for me. I had no clue it was such a place. You can read the article here if you have an interest in what the authorities are coming to.

  • the “danger”that everyone is reffering to, is going to be found somewhere else on the net, if not myspace. there are goign to be people that abuse everything, before myspace it was AOL CHAT ROOMS that were a huge worry. predators are everywhere, not just over the net. myspace is a great way to keep in touch with people, express yourself, and meet new people. there are privacy settings if predators are a big concern. personally i bought my college books cheap off a girl from myspace. its great

  • Well, I’m a 47 year old teacher that finally broke down and set up a profile on MySpace. I have 2 daughters that have profiles and I have had concerns about the possibility of scumbags surfing for information. I agree there are safety features that parents should be informed about and employed by those that could be vulnerable.

    I chose to set up a profile for a couple of reasons. Scores of my current and past students have profiles and this provides yet another level of communication which is valuable for a host of reasons that are all legit, ethical, and beneficial. Another reason is to attempt to establish contact with past aquaintances and school mates. My chums from my school days (high school and college) have all moved on with their lives and we are spread all over the country. MySpace provides an excellent, well-publicized forum that perhaps we can run across one another in and maintain contact in that way.

    As with all things in our present day, care must be taken, self-education is required, pro-action is mandated. After all, as with geographic real estate areas, if upstanding decent citizens wont invest and move into an area, how will it be anything but a slum.