fifteen minutes

January 22, 2006 | 5 Comments

meToday was my fifteen minutes of fame. The Denver Post ran a story about Broncos fans who live out of the state, and I was mentioned because of a Broncos fan site I’ve been running for the last five years. The picture that accompanies this post was not included with the article, but was featured on the Denver Post’s Broncos page alongside a link to the article. I’m not sure what made it into the printed paper, but if you live in the Denver area, please try to pick it up for me.

  • Hey, I work for the company that owns the Post…and was able to grab yesterday’s paper.

    You are on page 14A…with the same picture as in your post.

    Shoot me a note and I will be glad to send it out to you.

  • my heart goes out to you in this dear time of liss for you and your playoff team.

    maybe next season huh?

    congrats on the article.

  • I have to live with him!

  • don’t worry, jake can always come back to az and do used car commercials.

  • Hey, as two more Broncos fans (my wife and I) to another… Awesome. 🙂