coffee shop etiquette: natural conversation areas

February 7, 2006 | 3 Comments

In my ever increasing experience with poor coffee shop etiquette, I offer yet another tidbit so that all of us kind have a kinder, gentler coffee shop experience.

Please be aware of areas that lend themselves to natural conversation. For example, picture some large comfy chairs placed in convenient proximity to each other. When someone is sitting in one, please ask if they are expecting someone before sitting in one of the adjoining seats. Otherwise it just creates an awkward moment for all of us.

And on a related note — if you do choose to sit without asking please be aware that this is, as I’ve already stated, a conversational space. In other words, it was designed for me to hear everything you are saying. (Because this is a conversational space, this is an even more blatant abuse of the cell phone conversation etiquette that we have previously covered). I don’t want to hear your cell phone conversation where you gripe about everything that isn’t working out for you that day. Again, I know that we already covered the cell phone issue, but I guess not everyone is reading, so we have to go over it again.

Thank you, everyone, for your prompt attention to this matter.

  • I almost turned to the guy behind me at Barnes and Noble who was talking very loudly into his cellphone to someone he hasn’t seen in a couple of years or something and asked him if he was in a cell phone shop or if he was in a bookstore. I decided to leave instead.

  • Meh. They don’t care. I miss the days before everyone had a cell phone. I find that the weirdest is when they wear the little earpiece thing, talk to the person on the phone AND switch over and talk to me. Then back to the conversation, then to me…then APOLOGIZE to earpiece person for having to talk to the lowly person in the retail/food/service/fillintheblank industry. GRRR…

  • Dude, you crack me up. Oh how I have wanted to smack people for their cell phone use. In my classes this week, the first they thing said was, “turn off cell phones, this is a no brainer”. Minutes later, ring ring! C’mon you crazy Americans. I guess he was a no brainer too, cause he left many times to a ringing phone.