leading with a limp

May 7, 2006 | 3 Comments

leading with a limpFor an upcoming class on leadership, we were given a copy of the manuscript for Dan Allender’s forthcoming book: Leading With a Limp. Ummm….wow. I just soared through the first third of it — not because it is an easy and smooth read, though it is that as well, but because it is so refreshing. On a day when I’ve been wrestling with what it means to lead others when I’m so far from worth following, it has been a massage to my soul. If you’ve got it all together, don’t bother. Anyone else will find this worth their time.

  • i concur. i first read this book a couple months back and love the thought process. leadership books need to take the turn that Dan takes — otherwise we will just continue to follow the same path with a different name.


  • i liked “leading with a pimp walk” a little better. way more action.

  • JJ

    i also like “pimping with a limp.” different demographic, but after knowing “it’s hard out here for a pimp”, i think it is needed.