celebrity deathmatch: stephen baldwin vs bono

July 6, 2006 | 7 Comments

stephen baldwinI feel bad for even posting this, because it is pretty obvious that Stephen Baldwin is just trying to generate some press to help sell an upcoming book. He is criticizing Bono’s work in Africa: Actor STEPHEN BALDWIN has criticised BONO’s crusade against poverty in Africa, insisting the U2 singer should preach Christianity instead.

bono in africaSo basically, Steve-o, you want Bono to quit living out the gospel, and to just talk about it? Since Jesus said that he had been “annointed to proclaim good news to the poor” (Luke 4:18), does that mean Bono should fly to Africa, preach to cold, sick, starving young children whose parents have died of AIDS, and baptize them in stagnant, disease-infested water (since helping them get clean drinking water apparently isn’t important) as quickly as possible before they die?

UPDATE: Zach originally sent me this story this afternoon, and I was surprised that he hadn’t posted anything on it. Well, he has now, and he obviously spent more time on his than I did on mine, so be sure to go read what he said.

  • unbelievable.

  • barf!!!

  • Once again, I’m ashamed for the cause of Jesus. I’m speechless.

  • Do we remember what it is like to get saved later in life (ie not at 5 years old)? There is a phenomenal amount of passion that others may discover the truth we have found.

    Now I am sure many of us (and I know I did) in the midst of this passion did and said things that perhaps on reflection we might not have done and said things quite the way we did.

    Perhaps we shouid be thankful to God for a man so willing to serve Christ in such a ‘secular’ place. Let’s pray for him, let’s encourage him, let’s remember he is just like us only people seem to care what he says! Thank God nobody pays attention to the stuff I say!!

  • Glenn,
    Thanks for your thoughts. I appreciate your willingness to express disagreement.

    My post may have tended too much toward sarcasm, and not enough toward constructive critique. Maybe I’m even guilty of the same things I accuse him of. But, I do think his critique of out of line. What troubles me is that people DO care what he has to say, and that he his using his position to promote an incomplete understanding of the work of Christ in this world.

  • John, great post. I quoted you on our blog (dwellingplace.blogsource.com). I think you and my hubby would get along well judging from the blogs you list, your top tags, and the amount of bono posts you’ve done. 🙂 I completely agree with your points, but I also think the biggest disappointment is that someone didn’t disciple him any better than they did. What a shame to have him leaving the world with the idea (or maybe just reinforcing the idea) that Christians don’t give a crap about our fellow men rather than to “save their souls.”

    Completely off topic, but I noticed one of your top tags is church planting. I intend to check some of your blogs on the topic, but I’d love it if you could e-mail me with any words of advice. (For the full story on our situation, check my post at http://emergingwomen.blogspot.com/2006/09/startup-faith-communities.html.)

  • jie4him

    Scripture state that without christ our Righteousness is like filty rags. Bono is known for his filthy mouth while claiming to be born again. Yes he do humanitarian goodworks but Christ agenda is to preach the gospel first then follow him. Bono can have the poor but he will not always have christ as jesus told judas. Get the point?