July 23, 2006 | 5 Comments

Being in the Pacific NW doesn’t mean we get to bypass a national heatwave. I’m still trying to figure out how the 90s here is so much hotter than the 110s in Arizona. We were away for a week in the mountains of Colorado with my family, and when we returned late on Friday, it was 88 in our house. We don’t have a/c, and I don’t think the house has dropped below 82 or so during the daytime hours.

I’m sure I have some thoughts to share from being away, but right now my mind can’t seem to get past the energy drain. It probably doesn’t help that I’m trying to watch Aeon Flux right now and it is killing millions of brain cells each second.

  • In Arizona it’s a dry heat…

  • Hmmm, in my short 27 years on this earth, I still haven’t bought into this whole dry heat, wet heat thing. Don’t get me wrong, I do understand that humidity does add an entirely different feeling, but Hot is hot. I have been in D.C in Sept, when it is humid, I was hot and uncomfortable.So too have I been in Arizona, when it is in the 100’s (a dry 100), still hot and uncomfortable. Therefore, I conclude they are equal.

    The good thing about living in the Northwest, is that we do have the joy of knowing that fall is coming, and it will bring with it, a cool crisp air, that revitalizes the mind, body and soul…………

  • Nothing can compare to 110 degrees in Arizona. Even when it’s 100 percent humidity here in Ohio and it’s 90 degrees, it just doesn’t match the hellishness of the valley of the sun.

  • I’m with you. Over the weekend it was 112 degrees with 50% humidity here in Mission Viejo, CA… and we’re 20 minutes from the beach! What the heck!?!

  • I blame Al Gore.