August 5, 2006 | 17 Comments

Anyone else out there having trouble with Bloglines? When I click on some of my feeds, even though it says there are unread items, nothing shows up. I have confirmed by clicking through to the sites in question that there are new posts. πŸ™ I’d hate to see Bloglines become unreliable, because it’s been such a useful tool to me for the last few years.

  • Jared Teems

    I’ve been experiencing the same thing. However, as of noon-ish this morning i’m not getting any updates. Despite the fact that there are new items posted.

  • Rob

    The last few days I’ve been having the problem you describe, but today it’s gotten worse. All day Bloglines has indicated that not one of my feeds has been updated. This morning it showed I had updated feeds, but once I went through and checked all those feeds around 10:00am it showed that no more had been updated. Now, 7:40 at night, it shows that still none have been updated.

    Very unusual for Bloglines. Especially as they haven’t indicated at all that something is wrong or whatever.

    I’m aggravated.

  • Same thing here, I thought it was only me. I hope it’s back to normal tomorrow.

  • Yup. I had the samer thing today as well. I thought I was the only one until you posted about it. It seemed to start about noon-ish for me. I’m with you, Bloglines is like an everyday stop for me.

  • Same issue, so lame.

  • I’ve been dealing with the same thing, but I’m subscribed to the Bloglines News feed, so I managed to catch this yesterday:

    We are aware that some users have been seeing inaccurate counts on their subscription lists. This is related to the maintanance we performed Wednesday, August 3rd which included upgrades to our databases. Unfortunately, due to the massive amount of data we store, many of the systems are taking a few days to catch up with work. There is no loss of data or functionality, but the sheer size of the synchronization is causing the inaccuracies in count to occur. We are working to speed up the synchronization and remove this bottleneck from the system in the future. In the meantime, we apologize for this inconvenience and disruption to your Bloglines reading rituals.

  • Bernie,
    I saw that post too, but I’m not sure that describes the same thing I’ve been experiencing. That says that the news item counts are inaccurate. I think I’m having problems with bloglines saying there are items, and then not showing them. By visiting the sites in question, I’ve confirmed that there are new items.

  • ken

    not only has that been happening to me, but I’ll take you one further. i read your post and clicked on the hotlink to your actual site to leave a comment. Bloglines escorted me to a dead page. Lame!

  • Well, that actually wasn’t bloglines fault. I moved my blog to the root folder of my site, and the RSS feed hadn’t picked up the switch yet. πŸ™‚

  • I’m both, a Bloglines aggregator user as well as someone who uses Bloglines for blogging and i have the same problem for days now.

    In one moment everything is ok, in the next moment my Blog is *gone*; like on the mainpage of a Bloglines-blog you got a value like β€œ138 Items” – that one suddenly goes down to zero – and if you hit reload it comes back to some 138 but no blog appears.

    Then, if you fire up the main page of my blog you get an the overview of the month, if you click on any other article – like – it’s not there. Hit reload 20 times, eventually it will appear.
    Some of my postings do not appear at all, like the first 20 or so – but they’re there.

    This is crazy and driving me absolutely mad, considering that i got constant problems with Technorati as well.

    I’m mad, really really mad.


    I go and get me a bottle of beer,
    have a nice weekend,

  • Update: Now my blog is completly gone.
    Opened a bottle of beer and i’m seriously thinking of moving my blog.
    Any advice where to go, what to use, how much i should spend?


  • Same here. And its been happening for quite a while.

  • dan

    I’ve been having the same problem for a few days and wondered if anyone else was too. Thanks for the news Bernie. I looked all over and couldn’t find it, and even after seeing the link, I went back to on the about section and was unable to find a link to their news.

  • I finally got an answer from Bloglines after three days about why my (former) blog is pretty much broken; sounds like a canned answer, doesn’t help at all:
    Well, *sigh*

  • jc

    Still . . . my Bloglines account has been hosed for over a week now. Some feeds work fine, some not at all. I signed up for Rojo (not as good, very slow, but works) and it proves to me that Bloglines has royally screwed the pooch as far as losing new items. That it’s now over a week later and they haven’t resolved it makes me wonder what’s up.

  • Hi! I am a engineer. I believe we have cleared up this problem.

  • Ryan,
    Thanks for the comment. I haven’t had any problems with it in a few weeks, but I thank your for the follow up.