the great omission begins tomorrow

August 5, 2006 | 4 Comments

The Great Omission book study blog officially begins tomorrow. Feel free to join in or follow along!

  • I don’t know how I missed this from earlier, but I’m bummed. Perhaps next time.

  • Dr Gene Emahiser

    I am a retired school administrator, but when I was young, I thought for a while that I had a call to preach. I have read all of Dr. Willard’s spiritual books. Slowly, with yellow and red pens, Bible open, and mind to match…. If I only would have had this insight forty years ago! I left a promising philosophymajor after three years because of Schaeffer stuff… I couldn’t reconcile flesh and spirit, etc. Now at age70, my readiness for this material is full; but I think that his works should be read in some sort of order, and they have to start with Conspiracy, then Omission, then Discipline, all the while reading Imitation of Christ daily, and his choices of books of the Bible, and perhaps at that point REREADING them. I favor yellow highlight, making rereading easier. Attitude is everything here. Readiness is super important on a personal level. Be prepared — NO, make that PREPARED — for rejection, hostility, and some verbal combativeness when you broach Matthew 5 6 7 and the Willard concepts in a standard sunday school class. I would be interested in hearing how someone individually sees our role in the mind change that should occur in the Church body, and experiences you have had reaching out to others with this most important truth: we have been close to the way Christ intended us to understand his gospel message, but ended up some kind of modern Pharisee. My life has changed, thanks to Dallas Willard and his books, and his heads up recommendations of other books to read beyond his.
    In Sine Nomine

    • Honest Abe

      Yeah you should definitely have become a preacher. NOT. Was it also in God’s plan for you to have sexual relations with a married woman and flaunt it? Probably not. You know what you did. Everyone knows it. I pray for you not to shit yourself long enough to feel remorse/guilt. You have to be truly sorry for your sins. God doesn’t want lukewarm people. I hope you like Sadaam Hussein reaming you in your disgusting asshole. Because you are a phony, fake, piece of dog feces that pretends his life is glamorous. You have no money. It’s all over the internet that you filed for personal bankruptcy. With such great “credentials,” how could you be so broke? May God have mercy on your “soul.”

  • Thanks for your comments. If I recall, Willard suggests that his books were written as a trilogy of sorts, starting with Spirit of the Disciplines, followed by Renovation of the Heart, and culminating in The Divine Conspiracy. Though I didn’t read them in that order, and have gleaned plenty from them!