organic community takes time

August 9, 2006 | 7 Comments

Last November, Joe Myers was talking about his new book, Organic Community, at the Off the Map conference here in Seattle. It was due out in the spring. I thought Joe’s previous book, The Search to Belong, had some good stuff to say, so I pre-ordered the new book from Amazon. A few weeks before it was to be released, it was pushed back to August. Now, Amazon is saying it won’t be released until August 2007! What’s up with that?!

  • dude, that is so uncool.

  • Way uncool!

    Joe was talking about that book in the Spring of ’05!

    Well, you could always email him and ask him to send you a PDF or something (who knows?).

  • joe myers

    hey everyone Joe here.

    sorry about the release date being shifted here and there. But, it looks like the final decision has been made and confirmed. The book should release May ’07.

    I’m sorry for the delay. I can say that the book is more mature because of the delay and I think it is more helpful.

    I hope everyone will share grace and let me know how they like the new work once it hits the street.


  • Joe,
    Thanks for clarifying things. There are plenty of books out there to hold my interest until then, but I look forward to yours all the same.

  • I, too, really enjoyed The Search to Belong, and after talking with Joe around the book table at last year’s OTM deal, was looking forward to Organic Community. Hey John, maybe you and I should sit in on Joe’s talk at this year’s OTM event and heckle him! Joe’s a good guy with some humor in him . . . he’d get it, right??

  • thenbook is now being set for aug. 07… that’s a little too far for me. is there anything online to get me started on what he’s thinking