itunes recommendations anyone?

December 17, 2006 | 14 Comments

broncos cardinalsLooks like I’ve got some iTunes cash coming my way courtesy of Zach’s silly faith in the Cardinals. Anyone have good recommendations on how to spend it?

  • Not sure if you are a rosie thomas fan, but her new album (title: these friends of mine-which includes sufjan and dennis witmer) is awesome. of course rosie is a local seattle artist, so that is also cool.

  • i was actually going to recommend the rosie thomas album as well, ironically enough.

  • buy the tv show “the office” the new christmas one is the best.. amazingly funny. hope you have a great holiday! see ya next year!


  • Alex

    How about some Sonic Youth, Kasabian or Beck (Guero) – you could relate to Guero, you white boy 🙂 . I remember being called “quero” in SoCal (among other things). And posted on a Mac – feels so strange.

  • ken

    Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s or Cold War Kids. Trust me.

  • that last jimmy eat world ep is pretty sweet. I think with $10, you can buy two of them. *cough*broncos won’t make the playoffs*cough*

  • I wonder if you can get the ’86 Bears song “Super Bowl Shuffle” on iTunes…

  • recently i’ve been listening to ingrid michaelson, azure ray, sarah blasko, castledoor, and damien rice (his new one)

    i’d like to know what you decide on- i need some new tunes as well!

  • Michael Box

    The new Muse cd is great, Corrinne Bailey Rae is really good to chill out to. I have to put a plug for Mute Math (you should already have this one). You could also purchase the episodes of Jay Bakker’s new show “one punk under God.” it airs on Sundance channel, but if you don’t get that, you may consider it.

  • Pfft. That Jimmy Eat World EP is okay, but the drumming is lousy.~ (You need some cough medicine there, Zach?)

    I’m really diggin’ Imogen Heap’s stuff lately.

  • If you don’t already have it, the Sufjan Stevens Christmas cd is definitely worth it.

  • sufjan christmas= pure delight. i can’t stop listening to it. you can stream it free off his label’s website: or… or buy it 🙂

  • I think I’m just not cool enough to listen to Sufjan, because I can’t seem to get into him.

  • Try the Christmas cd…it will change everything.