the perfect song

March 1, 2007 | 2 Comments

Zach has tagged me with a meme of the Perfect Song. Here’s the rules:

1. scan through your itunes or cd library. refamiliarize yourself with the nooks and crannies of your musical options.
2. identify five categories — genres, if you will — of music. these should be as obscure and finely-articulated as you’d like. feel free to use modifiers liberally.
3. nominate — select, really — a “perfect song” for each category. include a link for each song to something (the amazon page for the CD, or the artist’s website, or whatever). you may find it easier, as i did, to find “perfect songs”, and craft categories or genres around them.
4. ideally, some of the songs will be nominally obscure, or, at least, not completely mainstream and overplayed. no need to tell us all about songs we all know!

So…let’s get on with it. I give you the perfect song for…

…feeling either rebellious or guilty for delighting in a song that many might not think is appropriate for me to like — We Looked Like Giants, Death Cab for Cutie

…driving through open terrain on a rainy day while entertaining dreams and hopes of a beautiful future — First Breath After Coma, Explosions in the Sky

…remembering that I am loved for who I am, not for what I’ve done — Song of the Harlot, The Violet Burning

…playing something really loud to fill your ears with sonic goodness — Quiet, Smashing Pumpkins

…for softly singing (er, stumbling through) in my daughter’s ear while swaying her to sleep at night — Talk of the Town, Jack Johnson & Kawika Kahiapo

And to move it along, I tag:

Mike DeVries
Josh Longbrake
Ken Nussbaum
JJ Peterson (I fear that JJ’s list might include at least one Philips, Craig & Dean song, but he never makes it past the first paragraph of my blog anyway.)

  • Alex

    Yeah – I can read but you get no links.

    Just because:
    One Tree Hill – U2

    How the heck did “W” get elected once, let alone twice: Soup is Good Food – Dead Kennedys

    I really feel insignificant now:
    Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley

    Does anyone have an employer they like:
    Vultures – John Mayer

    It’s been a rough year:
    Casimir Pulaski Days – Sufjan Stevens

  • I haven’t forgotten about you. I’m just lame. My list is coming soon…

    [Crap, I need to get all creative now. The pressure!!!]