March 22, 2007 | 10 Comments

first ultrasoundI would like to introduce you to that tiny little speck in the middle of the picture. Right now s/he is only 3 millimeters long, but will s/he will grow about 20 or so inches before bursting on the scene in mid-November.

Mommy & Daddy were a little surprised at first…they quickly got excited.
Macey was really excited at first…she still is.
Ellie…well, she just doesn’t really know what’s going on, but she smiles a lot anyway.

  • Alex


  • lacie

    oh my goodness!!!! congratulations! i’m so glad another little one will get to experience you as a father. 🙂

    we all (as in, those of us from practicum in MACP) talk about how miss you, and we never get to see you. know that we haven’t forgotten you.

  • Wow… God is good! Pray that we can share the same blessing (Lord willing)

  • Congratulations you guys! A and I are very happy for you!

  • Freakin awesome! Congrats my friend!

  • You guys been busy up there. Congratulations!

  • scott

    Congratulations to all of you! Susan and I are planning a trip to the NW sometime this fall. Maybe we’ll stop in and see you all.

  • Holy… 😉

  • Must be in the water up there – that’s great news!

  • Anjanette

    WOW!! Congratulations!