notables 03.23.07

March 23, 2007 | 5 Comments

Just some notable stuff I’ve recently found that is worth passing along:

  • Staying Faithful – Donald Miller audio on Veritas Forum
    The first half is a talk by Don in which is thoughtfulness shines. Plan on some time after listening to just sit and journal some thoughts. (Disclaimer: I might romanticize this talk a bit because I happened to be driving by Lake Union just as he mentioned sitting on the shores of it!)
    Don’t bother with this one if you believe in a God who doesn’t have a sense of humor or who isn’t big enough to stand up to some sarcasm or critique.
  • The Merlin Show
    Merlin Mann is somewhat of a poster child for the tech/creative net culture — most notable 43Folders. The Merlin Show is his video podcast (can we come up with a better name for this already?) with tips and thoughtful interviews.
  • Highrise
    From the makers of Backpack and Basecamp comes their latest online collaborative project — Highrise. Highrise is 37Signals’ take on collaborative contact management. I haven’t explored it enough yet, but I’m wondering if this could adequately function as a church database.
  • What Lessons Can Progressives Learn from Evangelicals?
    A great article in a not-so-evangelical publication about the likes of Rob Bell, Greg Boyd, Shane Claiborne, and Jim Wallis. (Thanks Zach.)
  • Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead? – NT Wright audio/video
    Haven’t listened or watched yet, but I have little doubt this will be worth my 97 minutes.
  • jamie

    John, I saw Mr. Deity awhile ago and thought I was going to die laughing. That’s good stuff.

  • That Donald Miller Veritas Forum talk was fantastic.

  • I was driving past Tempe Town Lake….I’m sure our experience was pretty similar.

  • Thanks!

  • I’ve watched all the Merlin Show video podcasts (which I guess we’ll have to call them as long as it’s called, uninspiringly, the Video iPod). I was hoping for some 43 Folders-esque productivity talk, but it’s all been about the music industry or Silicon Valley in general.

    Hopefully he’ll get on to talking to people about productivity and GTD, but who knows.

    Re-added you to Google Reader today – good to see your voice again :).