pathetic anticipation

April 23, 2007 | 8 Comments

Is it pathetic that most of my day will be marked by an anticipation of the return of Heroes tonight?

  • This is rhetorical right?

  • I am going to go with no, but it might be because I am in the same boat.
    Think they will blow up NYC?

  • How can you not live in anticipation of such a huge event! I’m with you brother. DVR is set!

  • Not pathetic at all… DVR got it last night, VERY much looking forward to watching it tonight 🙂

  • Or the pathetic depression after it ends, even though you know that they wouldn’t just slip in an extra special 2-hour episode just for you… Oh, man… Until next week.

  • Pretty good episode – although I still can’t handle the Nikki/Jessica storyline, it drives me crazy.

  • Kevin D

    Love this show, that two months was a long wait…my wife loves it, too. Whattya mean, Adam…she’s just Jeckyl & Hyde / Incredible Hulk all rolled into one. 🙂 I was hoping for more of a throwdown between Peter and Sylar, but I’m sure it’s coming…

  • I agree about the showdown. Looked like they might start it on this last one, but now he is back in time and we won’t see that one either. Great show though!