last week in numbers

May 7, 2007 | 3 Comments

walt disney world6264 air miles traveled
7 nights in a hotel
398 pictures taken
4 theme parks visited
40 rides and attractions
8 naps taken by Ellie (she’s perfected the stroller nap)
1 nap taken by Macey
3 length in hours of nap taken by everyone but me the day after we got home
29 characters met
0 days of rain
169 times that Macey reminded me she wanted to ride Splash Mountain again
300+ unread emails when I got home

  • Gerilyn (TM)

    i think you forgot something…
    And the experience…PRICELESS.
    We’re doing Disneyland in June with a professional convention, 2 boys, 3 and 4, 14 months apart, 3 days in the park, imagine the trouble possibilites.

  • Heading to Cali tomorrow and Disneyland the day after…life is good!

  • I was supposed to be at Disneyworld with my family this past week – all of us minister-type people must think alike in this regard.

    Unfortunately, we had to postpone it because Noelle fractured her skull in three places due to falling down her aunt’s stairs. Thankfully she’s healing, but it was a scary time. We are excited to go with her in September, however – she’s a huge Mickey/Minnie Mouse fan.