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May 24, 2007 | 5 Comments

Throughout the TV season, I’ve had a growing affinity toward Heroes, even letting it surpass Lost at times.

Well…all I gotta say is that Lost knows how to put on a finale way better than Heroes!

  • Alex

    Good job. No facts spilled out about Lost. It is still awaiting to be watched on the DVR at home. I am glad this is not the spolier page. Same holds true for Heros. But I forgot to record the finale of the Simpsons 🙁

  • Much agreed. Lost final was fabulous. Heroes finale was weaker.

    Heroes might be losing its way.

  • There were several problems with the Heroes finale. One is that it was written by the creator, Tim Kring. Both episodes that he wrote this season were the weakest ones.

    The second problem is that they spent too much time building up to the event, and then the whole event took place in ten minutes. The finale should have been 2 hours.

    The Lost finale was fantastic, however. I’m glad that I caught up in time (I missed season two) and that I stuck with season three, which started out weakly but in the end became another great season.

  • I concur my friend. Without putting any spoilers here, the season ended with my jaw ajar and mind swirling.

  • My jaw was agape.

    It totally turned itself on its head. What the heck happens now?

    That might have been the best 2 hours of television ever.