May 27, 2007 | 6 Comments

I’ve not made it a secret that I’m not a big fan of MySpace. Personally, I think the basic concept of it is pretty cool, but it’s just so dang ugly I can’t really bear to look at most of the pages. Even the best pages look about as attractive as a half-eaten donut sitting on top of the kitchen trash.

Todd Hiestand gave me a heads up on Virb a few months ago and I set up a profile. It’s a much cleaner site layout and even the basic template gains my aesthetic approval. So, if you are ready to flee the garbage heap, come on over to Virb. I’ll be your friend…

  • Hmmmm, virb may be cool and clean . . . but so is Facebook, and they’re probably a safer bet when it comes to MySpace killers. Virb is nice, indeed. They may just not be able to acheive critical mass.

  • jamie

    I didn’t see a place for me to comment on your virb about you.
    May be cleaner than myspace, but not as kewl.

  • anonymous to everyone but john (because i feel bad about what i’m about to type)

    the fact that you just typed out “kewl” means you should probably stay over at myspace.

    sorry, but that felt right in so many ways.

  • jamie, you comment by clicking the link that says “add your comment” under where it says “comments” at the bottom. Kinda hard to figure out I know. He just doesn’t have any comments yet.

  • jamie

    (It was a joke about myspace.)

  • Oh I couldn’t agree more…..I’ve never said a bad thing about myspace, but I’ve thought it, for sure. Thanks for removing the lampshade.