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August 8, 2008 | 7 Comments

creativityist hqAs we’ve gotten settled in our new home in Austin, I’ve tried to give my office enough attention to make it an appealing workspace from the get go. I’ve had a few seasons of life where I had a tidy office, but mostly my office in the past has been…shall we say…a tad frenzied. In the last year or two, I’ve worked hard to have better systems in place, and I’m happy with the results.

I submitted pictures of my office to the Unclutterer Flickr pool, but I thought it would be fun to share them here as well. Click through the pictures to find a few notes about each on Flickr.

creativityist hqcreativityist hqcreativityist hq

  • Sweet setup John. The walk-in closet must be a dream. I’m in the midst of reconfiguring my home office, so you gave me some great ideas. Just curious, what did you use to mount the drives and such under your desk?

  • John

    It’s a wireframe rack that screws into the bottom of the desktop. It’s mostly designed for cord management I think, but easily holds a few USB drives too…

  • It’s nice, but it’s no Zoka.

  • John

    believe me…i know. But thanks for pointing that out. 🙁

  • Pat


    Is the sign of a very sick and disturbed mind!

    Big ups, looks very nice. I especialy love the bookshelf. If I won the Lotto today, or got an intern, the first thing I’d ask for is somebody to organize my bookshelves by Library of Congress number so I could actually find stuff.

  • Hanging the propeller on the wall is a very nice touch! … it must be a real weight off your beanie! ;-P

  • In Fen Shui they say it’s important to have your face to the entrance, and the back to the wall. This way you’ll feel sure and supported from the back, and not wondering if there’s something coming behind you.
    This feeling should make you more productive.

    Every CEO has it’s office like this.