the artist's way collective: week 4 hub

September 22, 2008 | 6 Comments

The Artist’s Way Collective begins week 4 today. This week focuses on Recovering a Sense of Integrity.

For those who are participating with us, you can share your thoughts in the comments below. (If you aren’t participating, feel free to share your reactions too.) If you are using your blog to process your experiences, please leave us a link.

  • I couldn’t even make it through one day without reading. I made it until around 8pm, then my son wanted me to read with him before going to bed (how can I say no to that?) and then I had to read for a few minutes before going to bed. What a strong addiction.

    ThinkingWomans last blog post..The Artist’s Way: Week Three Roundup

  • John

    Ha! I hadn’t even thought about not reading to my children. I don’t intend to give that up. Not reading for myself will be a challenge though, but it’s one that is timely for me, so I’m giving it a go.

  • I don’t think reading to your children is really what Cameron is aiming at. After just one day I can identify the times that I read just to kill time, because I don’t want to do something, or I am bored. It was terribly difficult yesterday – I kept pulling up my browser to read my blogs or just surf the internet and had to physically stop myself each time.

  • How is everyone out there doing with the reading deprivation? I caved. Can’t do it.

    ThinkingWomans last blog post..The Artist’s Way: Week Four

  • I caved as well. The withdrawal was just too severe. LOL

  • Ted

    I have not had much difficulty with the reading ban, but only because I haven’t had time or energy to read this week. I don’t think I did so well with the spirit of the reading deprivation though, since all of my time was filled with tasks and noise, almost no time for reflection. It feels like avoidance and it probably is.