the artists's way collective: week 6 hub

October 6, 2008 | 8 Comments

The Artist’s Way Collective is nearing the halfway point as we begin week 6 today. I’ve stuck with it, but I’ve lost a little steam. It appears I might not be the only one as the general activity has slowed down this past week, so I thought it would be good for a check in. Who is still with us, and how has the experience been overall?

Of course, you can also share your thoughts for week 6. This week focuses on Recovering a Sense of Abundance. Please share your thoughts in the comments below. (If you aren’t participating, feel free to share your reactions too.) If you are using your blog to process your experiences, please leave us a link.

  • I am now a week behind. I thought about trying to do week 5 in half the time to catch up with the group but after reading through Chapter 5 today it looks like there is way too much for me to learn in this chapter to try and rush it. I’ll be right behind ya’ll.

  • John

    Thanks for checking in Jennifer. You might be able to catch up in week 6. From my perspective anyway, it isn’t quite as much to engage with.

  • I’m going to have to extend week 5 too, but I’m still with you!

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  • m

    There is no need to catch up with the Artists Way just read the chapter and do one or two of the exercises. The thing to not skimp on is the Artist Dates.I’ve faciliated the Artists’ Way for over 10 years now and I’ve found the students who don’t make any progress are the ones who are artist date refusenick. Do nothing else but do an artist date and you are still on the Artists Way !

  • I’ve found that my favorite part of this whole experience has been the morning pages. They have facilitated a lot of self awareness and given me a place to sort through my thoughts on God, creativity, and all the other stuff that enters into my life throughout the day.

    I’ve also lost some momentum, but it’s helped me to just set aside about 45 minutes to read the chapter and do an exercise or two. That way the rest of the week I can focus on the morning pages and on making sure I have an artist’s date. It seems that most of my creative recovery stems from those two things anyway.

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  • I’ve fallen off the wagon, hard. I have my excuses, but won’t say them because I’m pretty sure part of what I’m supposed to “get” is that I really don’t have excuses. đŸ˜‰ In lieu of what m said, I may just try to catch on my reading and then plan on weekly artist’s dates. I think that’s about what I can commit to at the point!

    Good luck to everyone else!

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  • Ted

    I am still going. Still doing the morning pages, still doing most of the exercises (although finding rocks, sticks and leaves for week 6 in Hong Kong is a bit of a challenge). My only worry is whether I am doing enough. Sometimes I feel like I am just completing exercises, but not really going deep enough. If anything, I feel less and less connected as the weeks progress. For the moment I am considering it all part of the process.

    It really helps to hear from other people. Thanks!

  • Chris

    I have lost a lot of the original structure that I brought to the process. So far I have figured out that I need new friends or at least to see more of those who celebrate my creativity. Since I’m doing awful at artist dates with myself, I’ve signed up for a 4 day retreat with my more creative acquaintances. This violates the rule that you should do things alone and lumps it all together, but I’m counting it.