a kiva christmas

December 24, 2008 | 5 Comments

When our oldest daughter turned five, we gave her money to loan on Kiva to begin teaching her about poverty and generosity. Her first loan was to a woman named Nkechi to help buy supplies for her paint shop in Nigeria.

That loan was repaid about a year ago, so last January, Macey got to use her gift again. This time, Macey selected a tailor in Tanzania named Magdalena. This loan was repaid in full in early December.

When I told Macey it was time to choose again, she was excited. But she wanted to wait until Christmas. I’m proud that she immediately made a connection that an act of giving is a celebration of God with us.

Today, Macey gave her gift again. She is lending her money to Dilorom Ismonova. Ms. Ismonova is a mother of three who sells clothes in Tajikistan. As of right now, Dilorom’s loan still has $975. We hope you’ll consider joining Macey in helping Ms. Ismmonova purchase more clothes to sell so that she can support her family. (If you do, please leave a comment below so I can tell Macey.)

Merry Christmas!