seven features i love in iphone 3.0

June 18, 2009 | 5 Comments

After having some time to play with the iPhone 3.0 update, there are a few features I know will be of immediate use for me. I won’t be upgrading to the iPhone 3G[s]…and you don’t need to either to take advantage of any of these new features:

spotlight. I try to keep my apps down to about three screens just so I don’t have to scroll. Spotlight will change that. Assuming I get used to using it, this will be the most helpful update to the iPhone.

2x podcast playback. I was aware of most of these other features, but I stumbled on this one by accident. I find that most spoken word can be listened to at double speed with little effect on my comprehension.

landscape mode. I’ve always avoided typing more than a sentence or two on my iPhone. Being able to use landscape mode will probably change that.

cut/copy/paste. I’ve managed without cut/copy/paste just fine. But I suspect that in a few months, I will wonder how I ever lived without it.

send multiple images. This came in handy even as I sent these screengrabs from my iPhone to my laptop.

find my iphone. I don’t tend to misplace my iPhone, but I like knowing that I can track it down if I do.

tethering. Yes, I know…tethering isn’t available in the United States yet. But…it looks like some have found a workaround.

  • John –
    my happiest surprise that i didn’t know about was the playback speed also (as well as the ability to scrub forward and backwards at different speeds – that was always annoying trying to skip ahead 2 minutes and never being able to get it quite right)

    have you tried the tethering work-around? i want to, but am a bit apprehensive after hearing that it disables visual voicemail.

  • Color me underwhelmed with the 3.0 update. Strangely, the feature I most like right now is that in the phone app, you can see what number it is you called (mobile, work, etc) under the name of the person you called.

    I’ll use spotlight rarely. Push notification will probably make the weak battery even less usable, and landscape everything feels like eye candy.

  • crap i still want an iphone. but i like my sprint blackberry, and awesome sprint service too much.

  • Charlie

    As someone who’s planning on getting an Iphone 3GS for an Eagle Scout present, I’ve thought about how the 3.0 software will be helpful.

    The most useful part of it would be the Find-My-Iphone feature, but I don’t know if I’d be willing to shell out $100 a year for it.

  • yes – Matt needs an iPhone.
    Also, when will they give ALL of us pics/video in text?