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August 28, 2009 | 4 Comments

Like most apps, Scrivener updated this week to get ready for Snow Leopard. The new version is 1.52, but it’s not just about Snow Leopard. It also includes a nifty little feature to import notes from Combine this with WriteRoom for iPhone (iTunes link), and you have a seamless way to capture content or research on your iPhone for use in Scrivener.

Inspiration doesn’t always strike while you sit at your computer. (Come to think of it, inspiration rarely strikes while I sit at my computer.) But when it does strike, a quick launch of WriteRoom lets you capture that perfectly crafted sentence or idea you want to chase down.

WriteRoom can then sync with it’s companion website: WriteRoom uses your Google login, so everyone except for 1 or 2 of you probably won’t even need to set up an account to sync. When you are back at your computer, you can use the File | Import command in Scrivener to connect to Your list of documents will appear, and you can select any or all of them to import. My only teensy weensy very small gripe is that the documents are imported into the Drafts folder, and I would prefer for them to drop in the Research folder. Yes I know…it’s not a major issue.

Oh, and in case you missed it, Jesse Grosjean, the developer of WriteRoom, announced his intent to include TextExpander support in a future WriteRoom for iPhone release. Looks like WriteRoom is going to be moving it’s way into the first or second screen of apps on my iPhone.

  • Hog Bay is a one-man development house. Literature and Latte is a one-man development house. i’m forced to ask why Scrivener has desktop support for Writeroom.iPhone before Writeroom does.

  • KB

    Many thanks for covering the Scrivener update – glad you like the new Import from WriteRoom feature! (Kudos to Jesse for helping me get this in there.) And as for your tiny gripe, you’ll be pleased to know that actually it doesn’t necessarily import into the Draft folder – it just imports wherever the selection in the binder is. Or, you can drag the documents out of the list in the Import from WR window and drop them anywhere you like, too – so either way, you can get them into the Research folder easily enough. I should have explained this more in the release notes, sorry about that. Hope that helps. And thanks again!
    All the best,
    (Scrivener developer)

  • Cory

    If you’re totally confused about alleged “Scrivener > WriteRoom / Auteurist / iPhone / iPad synchronization,” as I was, check out the Literature and Latte forum. There’s a pretty long thread about the iPad and what it means to writing on the go.

    I bought two iPhone Apps thinking they would sync with Scrivener. Now I _think_ I’m finding that they do not. They just export to Scrivener and not the other way around.

    Just like Dropbox, Scrivener is one of those applications so awesome that it drives me crazy that it’s not truly portable.

  • John

    Thanks for your comments. It’s is true that Scrivener is open, and easy to bring text into, so that’s helpful.