orange optimism

September 21, 2009 | 3 Comments

There’s a certain curse that came with growing up in Colorado as a Broncos fan. It’s called optimism. After you saw John Elway pull off a few of those come from behind victories he made famous, you started to believe that there was always a chance. Of course, not all Broncos fans turned out as optimistic as me…maybe they took those early Super Bowl losses and Simpsons jokes harder than I did.

After all the shenanigans this last off-season, Broncos fans were about as pessimistic as I can ever remember them being. And I had my own concerns coming out of the pre-season, though I wasn’t predicting the 4-12 finish that some were.

But after two weeks, I’m feeling pretty good about the Broncos. Yes, I know the Bengals game required a miracle finish, but great defense put them in that position — and that game looks even better after seeing the Bengals go into Green Bay to knock off the Packers yesterday. And yesterday, the Broncos handily beat the Browns. The Browns aren’t anywhere close to a good team, but Broncos teams have historically played to the level of their opponents. Not yesterday — they handily beat a team they should have handily beaten.

I’m not ready to proclaim them a Super Bowl contender, and probably not even a playoff team. But I don’t think they are going to be a pushover. The rest of the schedule is tough — the only weak teams are the Chiefs and Raiders, but the rivalries with theses teams mean they are never gimme’s. But I’m starting to think that defense might keep the Broncos in some games, and that maybe McDaniels’ skills match his confidence. Most important, I think the Broncos players confidence in McDaniels might be growing to match his own.

  • Andy

    We’ll see. I’m picking them to win at Oakland this week, but that’s a tough one for me to decided. I don’t feel like I’ve really got a good bead on them yet… If I had to guess, 6-10 or 7-9. I do think they made a mistake letting Cutler get out of town no matter how big a baby he is right now.

  • Realism, pessimism – potato, patahto – it has not so much to do with crushing super bowl losses as the twelve years of pathetic teams before John Ralston, and the miserable QB’s prior to Charley Johnson – Elway spoiled most Bronco fans for sure. However, during that era many fans screamed for Kubiak to be given the thrown rightly belonging to the King of Denver. So, for youngsters like you who couldn’t name the Coach before Dan Reeves, or the QB that followed Craig Morton, please hold on to that optimism, for us geezers who can remember cheering every week for what were then the Detroit Lions of the AFL.

  • okay, I admit that while my love of orange is strong, my extreme distaste for all things New England is just as large – firing Shanahan because of our lack of D and hiring Bel-a-cheat’s offensive protege (pretend there’s a swoosh on the last e) was a personal afront to me – as a lifetime member of Broncoholics anonymous, I am still getting used to a definite creep as the leader of my team — Shanahan came from the dreaded silver and black nation, but he was fired and hated them as much as I did – this seems to be the root of my animosity.