task management smackdown

November 4, 2009 | 2 Comments

If you’re not already subscribing to the MacPowerUsers podcast, I’d encourage you to give it a go.

This week’s episode dealt with a topic close to the heart of the Creativityist community: task management software. They dedicate most of the show to a comparison between OmniFocus and Things.

My friend David Sparks, of MacSparky fame, respresented OmniFocus. I’ve not listened to the whole show, but I’m confident David did OmniFocus loyalists (like me!) proud.

  • I could never get into Things. I think the idea that Things is super flexible is a myth. It imposes it’s only “Things” system for task management. I much prefer The Hit List if I was to go for an app that was all about automatically generating a daily task list for me.

    More than anything is that I need to pick one of these apps and stick with it.

  • John,

    Thanks for the mention. That was a really fun episode to record. I wonder what that says about me?