The Workstation of a Freelance Journalist: iMacs & iPads

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A quick look at how Roger Ratcliffe shares his work between an iMac, MacBook Air and an iPad. Using multiple screens and computers makes it easier to focus when you are writing, especially when you’ve got multiple windows open. It forces you to concentrate on writing. That’s contrary to the workflow I usually pursue, but […]

Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction

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While many of us “grown-ups” talk about the struggle to maintain focus on creative work, this distraction is almost native for a generation that is growing up knowing nothing else. A troubling article…

November 29, 2010 10:07 am

the extant literature of the ancient Near East has preserved no other account of the creation of primordial woman. The present narrative is therefore unique. Moreover, whereas the creation of man is told briefly, in a single verse, the creation of woman is described in six verses. This detail is extraordinary in light of the generally nondescriptive character of the biblical narrative and as such is indicative of the importance accorded this event. With the appearance of woman, Creation is complete.

— Nahum Sarna on the creation of woman in the JPS Torah Commentary on Genesis

Ten Minute Advent Retreats

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“Advent is a four week season of preparation for the celebration of God’s appearing (advent means “appearing” or “coming”). During Advent, we remember that God has appeared in Jesus and that God will one day appear again, to rule with justice and joy over the earth. In the meantime, we look for the many ways […]

November 27, 2010 4:52 pm

Over this good creation, God calls the human “ruler” to serve as steward or under-sovereign, to embody God’s own care for, and protection of, his good creation in his own sovereign rule over the earth…

God himself is revealed or “imaged” in his creation precisely as we are busy within the creation, developing its hidden potentials in agriculture, art, music, commerce, politics, scholarship, family life, church, leisure, and so on, in ways that honor God.

The Drama of Scripture by Craig Bartholomew and Michael Goheen

The Living Witness 2010 at Duke (iTunes U Link)

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NT Wright, Andy Crouch and Rob Bell at Duke Theological Seminary

Urban Neighborhoods: A Few Thoughts

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As we were beginning to think about moving to Austin, I plotted every new church I could find on a map. We wanted to have a sense of what was happening where. The map ended up working out a lot like I anticipated it would. There were a handful of new churches gathering in the […]

What the Church Was a Family

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I wrote this review of When the Church Was a Family for the Austin PlantR Network.

CSS3 for Web Designers

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The latest from A Book Apart, written by Dan Cederholm was released today. HTML5 for Web Designers was nifty, and I’m looking forward to jumping into this one.

Some Fall Reading

November 15, 2010 | 4 Comments

I’ve fallen behind in posting some book reviews this fall. But, I’ve read a number of books that are worth a mention: Who’s Afraid of Postmodernism, by James KA Smith What Would Jesus Deconstruct?, by John Caputo These are the first two books in a series called The Church and Postmodern Culture, which I’d like […]

Tweet Library 1.1 for iPad (iTunes link)

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Tweet Library 1.1 was released today. This a nifty app from my friend Manton that can be used as a typical Twitter app to tweet and follow others. However, its unique feature is the ability to archive, curate, and filter tweets into collections for later reference.

InstaPaper 2.3 Can Send Articles to OmniFocus

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This is really, really, really, really great stuff. Really. Works really, really great on both iPhone and iPad. I hope this is the first of many apps to do something like this. Really great.

Review: Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes

November 11, 2010 | 3 Comments

When I became interested in understanding Jesus in his first century context several years ago, one of the names that appeared in several contexts was Kenneth Bailey. Bailey is a New Testament scholar who specializes in understanding Middle Eastern cultures and their relationship to the New Testament writings. He has spent forty years living and […]

November 11, 2010 11:43 am

Yet in my experience, a community requires more leadership than a hierarchy does. A hierarchy has clear goals, a well-established division of labor, and a set of policies about how things are supposed to run; if the machine is well designed and well lubricated, it can almost run itself. A community is a chaotic, emergent, and creative force field that needs constant tending. And when a community’s aims are countercultural, as they are in a circle of trust, its need for tending is even greater. Lacking a leader grounded in the principles, skilled at the practices, and granted the authority to lead, a circle of trust will fail because the relational culture it requires is so rare and so fragile.” — Parker Palmer in A Hidden Wholeness

Hibari: My Mac Twitter App of Choice

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A few weeks ago, I griped to a friend about the missing features on Tweetie for Mac, like proper retweets and such. He pointed me toward Hibari. I tried it. I liked it. I bought it. Chalk up another win for the fantastic indy dev community for the Mac. Only thing it is missing is […]

iPad, MacBook Air, or Both?

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The Brooks Review on the niche uses for carrying both the MacBook Air and an iPad. For most, including me, it would be a luxury to have both. But just in case you are looking for ways to justify it…

Gruber uninstalled Flash

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Me too!

Screencasts Online Review of Scrivener 2.0

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Link pulled from the comments of my brief Scrivener 2.0 review. (Thanks for sharing the link, John.)

Logophiliacs Rejoice! Scrivener 2.0 is Here

November 5, 2010 | 7 Comments

Logophiliacs: lovers of words — from the Greek logos for words and phileo for lovers of the brotherly kind. I can’t promise you that a Greek linguist would say there is such a thing as a logophiliac, but I know there is such a thing as a lover of words. And right now, they are […]

Elements 1.5 for iPad

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I reviewed this app in my iPad Writing Apps Showdown. The new version released yesterday should raise consideration for this app. Two new and notable features: Ability to sync folders — I haven’t tested it yet, but this means it should now work well with Scrivener 2.0 folder sync. Markdown — Can read and preview […]