April 26, 2011 9:04 am

Nearly all areas of life in which we could become spiritually competent (hearing God and receiving divine guidance among them) confront us with the same type of challenge. They all require of us a choice to be a spiritual person, to live a spiritual life. We are required to “bet our life” that the visible world, while real, is not reality itself.” — Dallas Willard in Hearing God

Review: The Resurrection of Jesus

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I’ve got enough nerd in me that I like reading academic books. For fun. You know, the kind where the bottom 1/3 of the page is usually taken up by footnotes. I try to always have at least one book like this on my current reading list. I like to think that it means I […]

Writings for iPad updated to 1.2

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A nice update. Biggest new feature is the ability to create multiple workspaces to sync with different folders, which means it can effectively sync with Scrivener. Still a little cumbersome compared to how PlainText handles sub-folders, but it’s workable. Also includes a new added row of keys as an option, similar to iA Writer. Oh, […]

Using Social Media as Sacred Media for Passion Week

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My friend Jason Salamun invited me to write a post for Jabberbox.tv (which you should subscribe to if you don’t already). I wrote about how a shared rhythm like Passion Week can redeem the disruptive elements of social media.

Let the Fear Out

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I am sure there are people who don’t care for everything I post on this site, but I am not writing for them. I write for myself. carpeaqua is a mental exercise for me. It’s an escape. When I can no longer stare at the problem in front of me in Xcode, I start writing. […]

How to Steal Like an Artist (And 9 Other Things Nobody Told Me)

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I’ve seen this link making the rounds, but on the chance you didn’t see it…now you have.

April 12, 2011 9:35 am

we have to ask whether the church is most faithful in its witness to the crucified and risen Jesus and most recognizable as the community that ‘bears about in the body the dying Jesus’ when it is chiefly concerned with its own self-aggrandizement.” — Lesslie Newbigin in The Open Secret

April 12, 2011 9:29 am

The Spirit is not the property of the sending church or the missionary who is sent. It is not part of the missionary’s duty to mold the new church into the style of the old. The Spirit is sovereign and free. and the missionary must trust the Spirit to do his own work.” — Lesslie Newbigin in The Open Secret

Probably going to be several quotes from this one showing up in the stream. I enabled comments on quotes so that others can interact with them.

In Which I Reprimand Rob Bell

April 7, 2011 | 4 Comments

This isn’t another blog post about Rob Bell’s book Love Wins. Not exactly, anyway. (Though I wouldn’t want to feel the need to apologize if it was! A book is at it’s best when it stirs good dialogue. Of course, that dialogue is at it’s best when people have read the book in question, but […]


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For the third year, I’ve setup a means to follow the events of Jesus’ life from Palm Sunday to Easter via @passionweek on Twitter. This year I’ve added the means to follow along via a new website or Facebook.

Ten Books Every Pastor Should Own

April 6, 2011 | 11 Comments

While I was on vacation last month, my friend JR Briggs asked this question: Asking all seminary grads: “Besides the Scriptures, which 10 books would you recommend every seminary graduate own?” What would you say?less than a minute ago via TweetDeckjr_briggsjr_briggs JR’s question grabbed hold of my attention, but being on vacation, I shelved it […]

Writing with an iPad: six-month review

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Iain Broome’s experience writing on an iPad sounds a lot like my own: The iPad is perfect for making notes, formulating ideas and putting those first few paragraphs together.

Writing Markdown using LaunchBar and TextExpander [Screencast]

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Speaking of screencasts, Eddie posted part two of his series of screencasts on Markdown today. Catch the link to part one from the post in case you missed it.

Screencast: OmniFocus (part 1 of 3)

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David Sparks has finally published part one of is long awaited screencast on OmniFocus. I’ve only watched part of it so far, but as expected, it is easy to follow and thorough. In this first one, David deals with a topic near and dear to my heart — capture — and I’m looking forward to […]

Life on the Edge: Understanding the Prophetic Position

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I’ve been in the midst of some self-discovery the last few weeks as I’ve been looking more at the roles of the five-fold ministry from Ephesians 4. I line up as a Prophet/Teacher, and I’m learning all over again what it means to lead out of that gifting. This article from Richard Rohr was helpful […]