iPad Mini? Yes, please!

And a not so subtle plea for an update to Evernote for iPad

October 26, 2012 | 4 Comments

I’ve had a building, occasionally fickle, and somewhat disruptive curiosity with 7ish inch tablet scene. At this point, though, its a man crush.

I started with a hypothetically rooted Nook Color, which I may or may not have put a Kindle app on. I mostly used it for bedtime reading and browser testing while the iPad was my main reading device. But it introduced me to the possibilities of a 7″ screen.

When the Kindle Fire was introduced, things changed. The iPad became a device that primarily stayed home during the day for the kids to use. I often used the iPad in the evening, and I did still use it as a primary device in meetings or occasional iPad only days where it would help me focus on a few simpler tasks. The Kindle Fire was a great daytime device, mostly used for reading books, Instapaper, and my Bible software. And Evernote; oh how I love Evernote for Android.

I made the switch to a Google Nexus 7 late this summer. From my experience it lives up to the positive reviews. It’s light and feels good to hold. The denser resolution isn’t retina, but looks nice for reading. I couldn’t do everything with it that I could with the iPad, but I can do enough with the smaller size that it is often the first choice to leave the house with me when I don’t want to carry a full bag. And Evernote; oh how I love Evernote for Android. I like the Nexus 7 so much that the introduction of the iPad Mini leaves me with a conundrum.

A briefly deliberated conundrum.

IPad miniThere is an iPad Mini my future. In my near future, barring the return of Jesus or a Zombiepocalypse. (And I sure hope the latter would precipate the former.) The Nook, Fire, and Nexus have confirmed to me that I love this size, and I’m giddy about the possibility of my full iOS app toolkit with me on any outing: OmniFocus, Byword, WriteRoom syncing to Scrivener, Drafts, PDFPen, DayOne, Reeder, and of course, I could go on. And I will go on to say that my most oft tapped icon, the Kindle app for iOS is way ahead of the Android version. But I wouldn’t mention Evernote. Can someone, anyone, please do something about how far behind Evernote for iPad is?

See you soon, UPS guy.

  • Jealous.

    • byjohnchandler

      I bet it’s not so far in the future for you, either.

  • Gordon

    So tell us more about your time with the Nexus 7?

    • byjohnchandler

      It’s a great device especially at that price point. I mostly used mine for reading ebooks or instapaper, as I’ve described, and it worked well for that. I don’t know how well it would work as a productivity companion because I didn’t dig as much into those kind of apps. The Google Play store has some apps that are great, and Evernote, as I believe I’ve made clear, is fantastic for Android. But there are still a lot of holes in my opinion, and the Nexus 7 still mostly operates like a large phone screen rather than a small/mid-size tablet screen. That’s the main drawback in my opinion.

      I’m deep into the iOS app store, thus the excitement about the same form factor to use with all my iOS apps.