why subvergence?

July 25, 2004

Hmm…reasons to name a website subvergence… (there is truth in each of these!)

1) Because it has kind of a catchy ring to it, and it was available.

2) Because subversive and emergence are catchy little buzzwords these days, so why not combine them into one word and get double the catch and buzz!

3) Because it sounds far less narcissistic (I don’t even know if this is the right way to use this word…I heard Erwin McManus use it a few weeks ago and I was impressed, so I thought I would try it out) than johnchandler.info, which was the original plan

4) Because I really do like the concepts of both words that helped create the title:
subversive — As a Jesus follower, I understand that my purpose is to undermine the corrupted lifestyle that this world is all about. I am subversively trying to show this world what true and full life is through Jesus.
emergence — Not so much the concept of the emergent church, but the theory that systems seem to organize themselves from chaos. It is through dialogue with others that clarity will come. This concept was introduced to me by Douglas Rushkoff in Nothing Sacred. As a matter of fact, that is what stirred me to start this blog and enter into the discussion. If no one else is listening, at least it will give me an outlet to process some things.

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