times of refreshing

August 10, 2004

Was doing some study for a teaching a few weeks ago and ran across a little insight I’ve thought about a number of times since…

In Acts 3:19, Peter is speaking to a crowd in Solomon’s Colonnade. He tell them that times of refreshing will come when they repent and turn to God. The word refreshing in the original language carries the idea of a cooling that comes from a breeze.

However, there is also a medical meaning to this term. Luke, the author of Acts, had a medical background, so certainly this meaning would have been familiar to him. The word can also mean the healing that comes when a wound is exposed to the open air or breeze. Not to be lost on this is the fact that the word breath or breeze is also the word for Spirit.

So the idea is that when we open our hearts and reveal our sins to God, his Spirit is able to come in and heal the wounds. What better way to look at sin than a wound to our lives that needs to be healed by God?

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