a generous orthodoxy

August 31, 2004 | 3 Comments

A Generous Orthodoxy arrived today. I’ll probably break one of my personal rules and bump it right to the top of my reading list. I usually don’t start a new book until I have finished a previous one (otherwise I’d be halfway through a lot of books!), but I’m pretty eager about this one. I’ll probably do the same thing when Donald Miller’s new book is released.

  • looks like I’ll really have to get through amazon to get this book quick. Waiting for the bookstores is good for “delayed gratification” but I might miss the excitement … hmmm … 🙂 how shall I proceed? *grin*

    anyway, I’ve been juggling a few books and haven’t finished reading any of them … I need to learn from you. Then my wife will be happier in terms of budget! *haha*

  • It drives me crazy to leave books unfinished. I feel guilty moving on to the next one. Can’t say it saves the book budget though — just means I have a pile waiting to be read.

  • david


    (raises hand, and knocks over pile of half way finished books)