what does church look like? part three

September 5, 2004

Great thoughts here. Seems that many churches have tried to create community by lining people up in affinity groups — that is, with the people who are most like them. The problem is, these are probably the relationships that require the least of us. I see this mainly as community for a consumer culture — give them what they want. True community or intimacy or whatever we want to call it should require that there is tension and we are with people we don’t always enjoy being around. We create groups for recovering addicts etc so we can shuffle them out of sight and keep the ‘messy’ people out of everyone else’s hair. When we do this, don’t we rob people of opportunities to give of themselves to others — isn’t this what true ministry is? (Sorry…bit more of a rant on this one, but I’m sure there’s a coherent thought in there somewhere.)

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